Grand Aspen

 Flagship Speaker


Twenty years of R&D in the pursuit of the ultimate speaker.

Aspen Acoustics is proud to present the Grand Aspen. 

A seamless blend of custom crafted dipole ribbons with

state of the art bass drivers in a beautiful hardwood cabinet.



 Call 720 491-8516 or email to arrange an audition with the Grand Aspen speakers.



Dual 12 inch subwoofers in a push-pull configuration each with a 500 watt plate amplifer and parametric eq.

12 inch non woven carbon fiber woofers

6.5 inch Accuton ceramic mid-bass

2 inch x 34 inch custom dipole ribbon midrange with N52 Neodymium magnet rails

Dual 0.75 inch x 34 inch custom dipole ribbon tweeters witn N52 Neodymium magnet rails

Aero Striction dipole super tweeter.


Bass Box 220 pounds each       Ribbon Panel 120 pounds each

Nominal impedance 4 ohms      Sensitivity 86 db

2nd order crossover with 12 db per octave slope

All drivers have attenuation except the 6.5 inch mid-bass.

The bass box and ribbon panels can each be bi-wired or linked together.

In line capacitors are a blend of Mundorf Silver, Clarity Cap CSA and Jantzen Superior Z.

Internal wiring with Mogami 9 AWG High Definition speaker wire.

MSRP $19,500 pair plus shipping